Dear Customers,

we are very aware of the problems you are currently experiencing. Sadly, we have huge problems with orders placed between the end of December until now, not being delivered to our valued customers in the UK, especially by UPS. This is mainly caused due to the Brexit issue and resulted in a huge flood of emails & telephone calls, which we are not able to respond to in the usual time.

Every single employee is working tirelessly to get the situation back in control. But this is an enormous task, especially as UPS is still not able to tell us where most of these parcels are right now, and what will happen to them (will they be delivered to our customers eventually or will they be returned to us). This is no scam or fraud from our side.

We are doing our best to answer all enquiries within the next few days and hope for your understanding during these challenging times. 

You are absolutely right to be annoyed that your request has not been dealt with so far, but this wasn't intended. We never expected that something like this might happen and are very sorry for the inconvenience. 

We hope you accept our sincerest apologies. 

Kind regards,

benuta Service Team

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